How do I know if I need a
4-Point inspection?

If your house is 25 years old or older, most insurance companies will request what’s known as a four-point inspection. These are inspections of:

  1. Roof
  2. HVAC (heating, ventillation, air conditioning)
  3. Electrical panels and system (e.g, wiring)
  4. Plumbing

This is because any of these systems may bring an added liability to you, the homeowner, and to your insurance company if they have not been well maintained or updated. It makes sense that these essential housing components may be in better condition in a┬ánewer home, and perhaps at the end of their useful life in an older home–only an inspection will tell.

We have all of the essential forms needed to complete a thorough four-point inspection for your insurance company. Please ask us about completing a four-point inspection on your older home purchase, and if we recommend such an inspection, now you’ll know why.

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